SD-WAN with Blush Technology Group

21 Aug 2020 in

It's SD-WAN week here at Blush Technology Group! We're focused on bringing "Work from Anywhere" solutions to our clients and SD-WAN plays a major role in making it a seamless experience.


Hey guys, Jessica Jorgensen here with Blush Technology Group! I'm so excited to have created a place at community if you will at BTG where clients can come to get educational information in order to make decisions that are best for their individual businesses. So in order to kind of streamline that scenario I've decided to do individual segments focused on certain solutions per week so, dun-duh-dua, this week is SD-WAN week so if you have heard anything about SD-WAN, it might seem to you as vague as the term cloud was maybe a few years ago.

Certainly if you've spoken to me I have addressed it that way. The reason for the vagueness however is really based on its flexibility its customization and the different uses that our clients have found for SD when in their environment. So we are going to showcase some of those fantastic ways that our clients have overcome either the limits of the technology to historically and utilize SD when to get bigger better bandwidth connect the kind of circuits they wouldn't have access to previously and perhaps an MPLS sort of situation. We're going to talk about how clients can utilize SD-WAN  for true application control and prioritization, so if you've been in your home office or experienced any lack of bandwidth that might have shown itself in degradation and video calls or UK's from a voice perspective and your your voice calls certainly SD-WAN can be used for that as well.

I'm gonna bring in some experts and you'll get to hear some tips and tricks from those experts, in addition to just some general information about SD-WAN and why everybody's talking about it. Well, what the heck is it anyway? How's it gonna help by business? So, if you're not following blush Technology Group today please do so, so you can get the latest and greatest information. I look forward to talking to you more this week as we roll out more information specific about SD-WAN and if there's anything additional that you'd like to hear about please don't hesitate to comment below as I am continuing to focus on how I can provide you the best information that is useful to you and worth your time. I hope you all have a great week, I'll talk to you soon!