Proactive smart cloud security, not just reactive damage control

21 Aug 2020 in


We're in an environment where our systems are constantly under attack. They're under attack from all sorts of diverse players who are trying to take advantage of the information that is out there. Companies are really focused on a compliance issue, ensuring that they are protecting their enterprise value from these types of attacks and every executive in companies has that obligation to ensure that they're compliant with security. Most company systems only have basic firewall protection.

Your basic intrusion detection generally hardware based and if just a little bit more they conduct regular scans of their environment. Again, no different than your home than just having a basic lock, there is no alarm system to see when these intrusions are happening, like you would have in a home. The attacks are becoming more sophisticated and so we no longer have the time to be able to react in a manual manner, we actually have to be able to have machine learning to adapt and scan the environment much more rapidly looking for breaches you .