The Power of Breath

Remember to Breathe

25 Aug 2020 in

Today, upon hitting the "send" button on an email I had re-written 10 times I was rewarded with a gut punch of self doubt.  When was the last time you asked an important question and felt the same as you awaited positive or negative feedback?

I’ve been feeling these butterflies a lot of that lately as I’ve stepped into Entrepreneurship in a market saturated by folks who do similar things to what I’m creating at Blush Technology Group. I’ve talked myself out of posting things, done too many takes of a video recording and procrastinated to my detriment. These are all responses to fear.

In these moments I have to remember to breathe! That nice healthy cleansing breath that gives room for my shoulders to fall a bit and relax.  In these breaths I’m able to feel incredibly grateful for the support of my friends and family who continuously lift me up as they see more in me than I often see in myself.

Why am I taking the time to publish these thoughts? To encourage anyone reading this to take a moment and breathe. When you're not sure of the answer or what you want to say next. Breathe!

These moments remind me of a conversation I had with an excellent human and Coach I had the pleasure of playing a pretty intense game with.  In a moment of self-doubt (which he didn't even know was self doubt because I hid it that well) he asked me why I had even set the goal I was going after at the time.  He said “you’re already at many people’s point B so why are you playing this game?”

I doubt Coach even remembers the conversation however this has stuck with me as a reminder that I’m not competing with anyone else. I’m competing with myself to be a better version of me every day.

With Women’s Equality Day coming up this statement is extra heavy on my heart.  Many of the women I know have not had the opportunity to live their dreams and struggle to makes their voices heard.

Do not give up! Take a deep breath and speak louder!

A challenge for today…..

Reach out to 5 women today who you hold in high regard and wish them well, send a funny GIF or just say hello!  No strings attached and absolutely no sales tactics!!

If you are seeking support or an accountability partner, send me a note and perhaps we can lock arms to keep a pace that encourages us both to focus on where we’re going even if we don’t know how to get there.  Remember to breathe and hold on to your uniqueness. Even if you believe the people you’re talking to have already heard the story, they haven’t heard your version with your experience behind it yet.


Written by Jessica Jorgensen

Founder/Principal Partner of Blush Technology Group

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