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Jessica Jorgensen

Founder/Owner, Blush Technology Group

Blush Technology Group was founded by Jessica Jorgensen to fulfill a personal commitment to helping the community find and use the technology that enhances their businesses. Outside of running Blush, Jess is a family, nature & adventure lover!

Being a mother of seven children and “Memaw” to her two granddaughters keeps Jess busy at home in the kitchen. She believes in providing nutritious home cooked meals for her family and sitting down to have a technology free dinner as often as possible. This includes dinner while camping or off-roading as this family does not sit still indoors well. In the summer months, you’ll find Jess Off-Roading in Northern AZ or Colorado while the winter shifts to the Glamis Sand Dunes & kicking up dust in the desert.

To support the community and Arizona’s youth, Jess has been a long time supporter & partner of Junior Achievement of Arizona. JA is favorite non-profit that teaches financial literacy and life skills many children wouldn’t learn in any other environment. http://www.jaaz.org

Believing more women entering STEM positions is better for everyone keeps Jess active as the current Membership Chair of Women in Technology International-Phoenix. This group is focused on solutions and inclusion because a community of men and women who support the growth of women, specifically in technology, is absolutely needed in the world. https://witi.com/networks/phoenix/. Jess is also an active member of the Alliance of Technology and Women – Southwest Chapter who provide mentorship, wisdom, and amazing peer support with our allies to keep women in STEM careers. https://southwestatw.org/

We Are Rooted in Helping Clients Find Their
Communication Unicorn!

All technology offers have their own nuances. It’s hard to keep up with the differences and understand exactly what that will mean to your business. This is why Blush was created: to take the guess work out of finding the solution that meets our customer’s communication needs, budget, customer service level, security, and integration into their processes and culture.

Not a single customer does business exactly the same way as another because we’re all humans with different ways of achieving results. Not better or worse, just different. That’s the lovely thing about technology as it can be used in so many different ways even in similar environments.

Blush Technology Group is committed to find technology to enhance human interaction, not replace it.


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We LOVE enhancing communication for our
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