Build Better Communication With Your Clients

Through Unified Communications as a Service platforms, your team can create a better patient experience.

What is UCaas?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is not a new term however, it encompasses so much into a fairly short acronym. Let’s unpack how each piece of this acronym is important to finding the solution that’s best your staff to communicate with your patients.

Unified Unified

Your phone calls, instant messages or chat, video conferencing, contact center, and links to your most used applications are often found in a single desktop or mobile application. The intent is to give your staff a single, primary screen or application to assist your patients.

Communications Communications

As technology has evolved and more and more communication “channels” are available, the goal of UCaaS is to pull everything you need to communicate into a single application. These platforms eliminate the need to go between your mobile phone and computer by syncing all communications channels between in real time so your staff can respond with whichever device is the most easily available.

As a Service “As a Service”

Utilizing a “hosted” or “cloud” version of the solution that you are looking for provides the maximum flexibility to implementing the technology into your healthcare business.

Connect With the Right Provider

Where do you start finding the best UCaaS option for your specific business? Blush Technology Group specializes in matching the right service with your medical practice’s needs, helping implement new technologies, and train your staff.

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Flexible Communications Solutions

Do you need easy to deploy remote workers that can install this UCaaS client with a link? Awesome. How about your office that needs to accept calls even if the internet goes down? Also awesome. Need a full failover solution without a single point of failure in your network? Blush Technology Group can build that, too; and that is why any as-a-service offering outweighs its competition based on budget, flexibility, and scalability.

Employee Status Updates. Know when certain staff members are available to talk, making transfers more seamless for patients.

Seamless Communications Transitions. Take a patient from chat or email to call at the click of a button, because sometimes phone calls are the best option.

Cloud-based Solutions. Bounce between mobile phones, tablets, and computers with real-time integration.


Simplified Communication for Your Healthcare Business

When chat, phone, email, and video conferencing are on separate solutions, staff members are forced to juggle multiple apps and patient information can slip through the cracks. Integrating everything into a UCaaS solution customized for your business.

Patient communication doesn’t have to be difficult with the right UCaaS system in place for your medical office. Partnering with Blush Technology Group to find just the right functionality and configuration will save your team hours of discovery conversations, requesting quotes, and entertaining vendor demonstrations that may not meet all of your needs. We handle the discovery and vetting of the best vendors to bring you solutions based on exactly what you need to build your dream medical practice.

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