Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a more flexible software defined model that allows for multiple carriers, back-up connections, and even LTE as a failover option in many instances. Transitioning from traditional copper and hardware defined Wide Area Networks to this model provides a stronger continuity of service for your healthcare employees. Build your network to be as flexible as possible, and prevent loss of access for your team.

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Many providers use SD-WAN in different ways and it is incredibly important to understand what each solution will and won’t do for your environment. Researching on your own may lead to you vague descriptions and a wide-range of services that may not meet your needs. SD-WAN can be used as a ‘catch all’ description for a variety of network solutions.The most basic SD-WAN solutions provide a LTE failover for a single circuit and requires manual intervention. The higher end of SD-WAN solutions for your medical business allows for several load-balanced, fail-over options and uses the power of the software in the solution to automatically choose the best path to provide a superior user experience for your healthcare team. If you need unbreakable internet, you need a high quality SD-WAN solution and Blush Technology Group can help you find it.

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Benefits of SD-WAN Solutions

Upgrading to a high-end SD-WAN solution is important for your healthcare business, where connectivity is crucial for patient treatment.

Multi-Location Set Up Multi-Location Set Up

Establish a multi-location network with important security features easier than in the past.

Access From Anywhere Access From Anywhere

When traditional connectivity isn’t an option, SD-WAN provides opportunities for your team to get online.

Flexibility Flexibility

SD-WAN systems provide more flexibility for your business with less manual intervention

Get Your Budget Back

Many SD-WAN systems provide better solutions that are friendlier to your budget that MPLS private connections. See how much you could save while getting a better solution.

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Software Defined Network

What is SASE?

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a high level of SD-WAN which adds a layer of security to the SD-WAN solutions. Traditional connectivity through SD-WAN tunnels your internet connection to either a virtual or physical firewall to protect the users and the traffic. Now that so many people, possibly including your medical team members, work outside of a traditional office, there is a great need to push security protocols directly to the “edge.” This security should be extended to any personal and business devices being used to access critical systems.

SASE creates enterprise security for every end user’s device. As this is a fairly new term coined by Gartner, the capacity of individual service providers vary greatly. Some of them are better for cloud applications, some of them are better for voice quality control and all of them are better than no SASE solution at all. Security is a top concern for your healthcare practice, and should be at the forefront for your team members as well.