Software as a Service (SaaS)

Whether you’re an expert or just starting to get into the concept of SaaS, Blush Technology Group can help you find the best technology solutions to fit the needs of your healthcare organization.

Taking the Tech Market by Storm

Software as a Service, also sometimes referred to as Platform as a Services (PaaS), has taken the technology market by storm over the last several years. Not only do cloud-based solutions offer its flexibility and scalability, they offer budget-friendly applications for every type of business, including healthcare organizations. 
Subscribing to a cloud-based software service instead of purchasing hard-installed versions of the same programs allows you to keep your existing technology platforms in a fully managed environment. In addition, working with Blush Technology Group will ease the transition from legacy on-premises based equipment to cloud services and centralized data storage.


SaaS Benefits for Healthcare

Technology companies are catching on to the viability of SaaS platforms for healthcare businesses. Nearly all of the software used in your medical practice business is available with a SaaS option.  Why should your company look at these solutions? Here are a few reasons to make the move:

Powerful platforms Powerful platforms

Owning a private version of a software can be costly to run, requiring investments into servers and constant upgrades to the latest version to keep your medical practice up to date and your information secure. SaaS options allow your healthcare business to use the most up-to-date version of a software with security patches without maintaining the servers they're housed within.

Management Management 24/7

You no longer need extra personnel to manage your software solutions. SaaS technologies comes with support teams that manages updates, changes, and the security of their software for your company. 

Security Security

Security is a big concern for healthcare company's technology teams, as patient privacy is of importance. SaaS companies provide increased cyber security and adherence to regulatory compliance policies (HIPAA, HITRUST, FEDRAMP, CCPA, & Privacy Laws)

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Solutions in Action

Not all Software as a Service providers are created the same. The infrastructure that your critical systems are running through should be a one of your considerations when looking at any SaaS solution. 
As the head of your medical practice, or the IT department for your healthcare organization, your priority should be finding a service that ensures you have appropriate maintenance window notifications, and that any software provider is protecting your data in a private and secure environment. Blush Technology Group only works with service providers that meet the highly compliant and secure needs of our clients, including medical businesses. We'll help you find the SaaS solutions best for your healthcare business. 

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