Internet of Things (IoT)

New analytic platforms are taking data and turning it into interactive datapoints that can be used to save lives, help keep our communities healthy, and create astronomical efficiencies for healthcare technology specialists and administrators alike. Data should make your life easier, not more complicated.

It is essential to understand the relationship existing between asset acquisition and usage patterns. Most medical institutions find themselves having bloated inventories of wheelchairs, patient monitoring devices, and wheeled assets surpassing the quantities that can be used at any given time. Since acquiring the equipment doesn't mean that it will always be at hand, give your caregivers the upper hand by being able to easily determine where they can find the tools they need. 

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The fourth Industrial Evolution is upon us. It is estimated that 25 billion devices, and 55 percent of all data, will be connected through the internet by 2025. Today, implementations range from DIY (do it yourself) sensors and home-grown raw data extractions to fully managed and integrated solutions for every budget.

What problems could you solve if you knew the status of everything at a single glance? Until recently, the challenge of putting comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in place was an overwhelming task that often resulting in multiple portals to manage, complex configurations, too many opportunities for a single point of failure, and security concerns. For healthcare networks where information security is of utmost importance, data solutions must be built with security in mind.

Today’s IoT solutions for healthcare administrators provide actionable analytics, integrated dashboards (even if you have older temperature or occupancy sensors) and enterprise security.


Utilizing IoT Solutions

While there are many different options for IoT solutions for healthcare networks, some are better suited for the industry than others. Here are a few of my favorite applications for utilizing IoT solutions in your healthcare organization.

Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance

Utilizing sensors and actionable data, you can easily see if your server system coolers are holding the right temperature and utilize automation for notification and creating service orders. Detect when early when machines might be breaking down. Give valuable time back to your staff by eliminating the tasks of logging temperatures and checking systems every hour in your medical coolers and freezers.

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking

Easily locate and track critical technology and equipment assets that tend to wander off. How much time does your staff waste tracking down portable monitors, x-ray machines, ultrasounds or wheelchairs? You could do some amazing things to your budget by knowing the status and location of your most commonly “misplaced” items!

Operational Intelligence Operational Intelligence

Bridge the data across all silos of your medical business into easily accessible dashboards with actionable data to save time and money, and know where all segments of your business stand at any moment. Customized IoT solutions for the healthcare industry create masterful portals to integrate old sensors, new beacons, and all the data in between. Advanced analytics with customized reporting elements will help you to hold departments accountable and see everything happening within your organization quickly.

Video Security Monitoring Video Security Monitoring

Utilize AI with IoT to monitor your physical surveillance cameras for actionable alerts to medical situations like patient falls or security concerns including unauthorized access to secured areas, or parking lot monitoring to improve the safety of your campus. Utilize the AI for determining mask wearing compliance, detecting unauthorized weapons on the medical campus, and sensor-enabled equipment that could be taken out where you have visibility gaps.

Mobile Clinics Mobile Clinics

Create the secure and WiFi-enabled mobile medical clinics your staff and communities need. Operate these clinics just like if all the staff and patient’s were in your secure building. Keep your staff securely connected to all critical systems, track driver behavior, GPS, and vehicle diagnostics to reduce downtime for maintenance or emergency services. Maintain your regulatory compliance even in a flexible location.

Home Healthcare Home Healthcare

Reduce unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office or hospital for maintenance of illnesses or medication adherence with remote patient monitoring devices. Ensure your medical devices are inventoried and know when your patients need refills of critical components for their care. Gather activity and vital health information with Remote Patient Monitoring solutions.

Air Quality + UV Sanitation Air Quality + UV Sanitation

Integrated into your light fixtures, UV Technology that is safe for occupied spaces kills 99.99 percent of all viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi. There are no ozone-depleting particles generated from these lights that are specifically designed to not add any chemicals or chemical biproducts to the air your staff and patients breathe. Analytics can also provide valuable insight to what particulates are floating in the air to detect new patterns or outbreaks on your campus.

Occupancy Management Occupancy Management

Get real-time data and alerts about how many people are in a room within your healthcare practice to ensure you are meeting your occupancy guidelines. IoT + AI actionable analytics will alert you when thresholds have been met and too many people are congregating in a meeting room, waiting room, or restricted access area. Also, Heuristic-based monitoring can be used for policy adherence in taking temperature readings or keeping distance in quarantined wards of your hospital or medical practice.

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