Compliance (as a Service)

Privacy of personal information stored on your healthcare organization's computers, servers, or web hosting sites becomes an increasing concern for all businesses as security breaches and the penalties for non-compliance rise. Keep yourself out of legal and financial trouble by ensuring you’re ready for that audit notice. The Blush Technology Group experts are here to reduce the complexity and cost of risk management while improving healthcare business processes for less than adding a Compliance Specialist to your payroll.

Weak credential policies put you at high risk. We mitigate that risk.

Ensure Your Company’s Compliance

Today’s healthcare businesses must take security seriously to survive in a consumer-driven market. As businesses rely more on digitally kept consumer and patient information, the importance of keeping this information safe pushes regulators to update processes and hand out larger penalties than ever before. Compliance as a Service provides a budget-friendly means to navigate your governance requirements without sidetracking you from your daily objectives. Here are some of the compliance solutions offered to your healthcare organization:

  • PCI, FERPA, HITRUST, HIPAA, and more
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Risk Analysis
  • Gap Mitigation
  • Remediation Auditing
  • Security and Compliance Monitoring
  • Incident and Response Forensics
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAA)
  • 100% audit assurance
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Protect and Grow Your Business

With 20+ years of experience, Blush Technology Group will match you with service providers that offer ideal compliance standards, budgetary constraints, and intelligent compliance strategies to assist you in:

HIPPA Compliance HIPPA Compliance

Know exactly where your healthcare organization's exposure is and deploy a team dedicated to adhering to your level of regulatory compliance. Keep your PHI and PII safe. Don’t sweat audit notices.

Reducing Risk Reducing Risk

Policy adherence tracking, compliance dashboards, and incident tracking with your new team of experts will show actions your organization needs to complete to achieve compliance. Protect your personal and brand’s reputation.

Driving Growth Driving Growth

Free up resources to focus on achieving strategic objectives with customized, transparent, and compliant operations.

Did You Know?


of Healthcare Organizations are not HIPAA compliant.


of those audited fail.


of today’s data breaches are caused by compromised credentials.

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The Blush Technology Group Advantage

Most of our healthcare clients are able to enjoy the advantages for their organization after switching over to a CaaS system for data storage, as well as compliance monitoring. Blush Technology Group can help you stay within regulation while saving money and time normally associated with preserving conformity in tightly regulated industries. A few of the extra benefits you get when working with Blush Technology Group are:

Ensuring that your policies meet HIPAA compliance. HIPAA regulates the use and disclosure of an individual’s health information and gives patients greater control over the use of that information.

Help with PCI and HIPPA assessments. Many people like to discuss PCI and HIPAA as if they’re one entity. However, they each have different assessments.

Ensuring that your assets are protected. We can offer virtual Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) for FAR less than adding an expert on the company’s payroll.