Healthcare Cybersecurity: Ensuring Patient Safety and Data Confidentiality

The healthcare industry has been increasingly under attack by cybercriminals over the last several years. Is your healthcare company prepared to fend off these types of attacks? We can help you protect your practice or hospital from these unwanted invasions.

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Protecting Health Information

Protection from unauthorized access, ransomware, malware, and other threats is especially important in the healthcare industry. Access to sensitive data should be available only to authorized individuals who, in turn, follow strict government regulations and healthcare organization policies on how that information is used and distributed. 
Blush Technology Group’s cybersecurity solutions allow healthcare providers to protect their patients and their company by establishing systems that authorize, authenticate, and securely manage access to medical applications, devices, crucial data, and sensitive information.

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Healthcare Data Security

Our healthcare cybersecurity technology offers practices and providers:

Secure Access Secure Access

Get fast, secure, and timely access to medical systems based on your user permissions and location. This gives your individual healthcare professionals access to medical records or history at specific times and for specific reasons, while keeping unauthorized users out.

Simplified User Management Simplified User Management

Easily manage access to systems and resources across your network based on access rights and privileges. The key here is access control - allowing you to control who can access your applications, workstations, VPNs, and more.

Flexibility Flexibility

Our systems support two-factor or multi-factor authentication, as well as diverse authorization methods such as password vaults, hardware or mobile tokens, smart cards, and sensors. This provides your healthcare organization the flexibility and security you need in today’s rapidly changing IT environment.

Culturally Adaptable Culturally Adaptable

When creating your customized IT infrastructure, your company processes, culture, and infrastructure are at the core of everything we do. We take into consideration your healthcare business culture and organizational structure, as well as how to best integrate new cybersecurity technology into you processes. We build what works for you. Period. 

Remote Access Remote Access

Our cybersecurity solutions can be quickly deployed in home offices, for temporary locations or mobile healthcare sites. This allows your medical practice to provide the same secure functionality to all of your users, regardless of where or when they need to connect to critical systems.

Mobile Security Mobile Security

Mobile healthcare brings many conveniences to patients. Our encryption and other protective measures ensure information on mobile devices is secure. These solutions contribute greatly to patients’ security and well-being, as well as keeping your healthcare organization in compliance when meeting with patients in a virtual or home-visit setting.

Designed for Your Practice’s Needs

Patient information is the foundation of your healthcare organization. You need a secure, reliable data operating system to support your medical business. As you innovate care delivery with solutions such as mobility, telehealth, and EMRs, your data management security will need to evolve, too. 
You can leverage our deep healthcare industry knowledge to create solutions built for your organization's changing needs. We’ll equip you to securely manage patient data today and in the future. Our cybersecurity solutions are built with your healthcare company in mind.

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Solutions in Action

A strong healthcare IT partner makes it easier for you to implement new technology to provide better patient experiences and improve staff satisfaction and productivity while keeping your data secure. 
Hacking and IT security incidents continue to increase, especially in the healthcare world. Many healthcare organizations have struggled to protect their organizations and patients from these cybercriminals. Learn how Blush Technology Group is working to keep our healthcare clients’ protected. Reach out today to set up a consultation.