Take Your Call Center Service to the Next Level

With 30+ years of outsourced customer service as well as inbound call service expertise, we blend reliable platform services with sector leading hardware and software applications to deliver best-in-class consumer experience options at any type of scale.

Discover Contact Centers to Fit Your Needs

The most effective call center solutions do more than just answer the phone on your behalf. They also keep track of and respond to e-mails, social media interactions, and offer live webchat solutions for your healthcare business. 
For many medical businesses, phone calls make up only a portion of their patient contacts.  Depending on the demographic served by the healthcare business, adding in digital options has been very low on the priority list and results in missed opportunities to add new patients.  

As mobile devices become the main source of how people search the internet, SMS/Texting, web chat, social media messages, and email drive many organization’s interactions with their customers, helping them deliver exceptional customer service
This is where we come in. Blush Technology Group can dial in the right service for your healthcare network to achieve the most cost-effective results while providing great service to your patients. This allows you to run your business with one less thing to worry about.

Contact Center to feed your needs

Effective Solutions

To help locate the most effective service solutions, Blush Technology Group investigated a lot of companies, scrutinizing prices and market research to establish the best options for a variety of different services, depending on your medical practice's needs. Our team can help you identify:

Agent & Employee Connections Agent & Employee Connections

Connections Easy access to information and real-time assistance with the best integrated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform possible.

All-in-One Solutions All-in-One Solutions

Eliminate switching between systems with centralized administration, complete with standardized reports and analytics dashboards.

High Quality Management High Quality Management

Achieve meaningful customer experiences through multiple communication channels like voice calls, social media messages, and email queues — all while growing your team with quality coaching tools.

Empower Your Workforce and Improve Customer Experience

With analytics today, we can take all of the voice, texts, and emails, and translate it into measurable data. We can then search that data to find out customer preferences and discover what the customers are telling the company much faster than ever before, giving your medical business actionable insights.

How This Works

Hands typing the form of the Contact Center

More Than Just a Call Center

Gain total visibility, insights, and be faster to optimize customer experiences with healthcare communication technology. Customizable reports minimize the effort required to manage and monitor your contact center. Automatic notifications highlight the status of critical performance metrics and alert you to key trends, agent activities, and patient behavior that can impact the overall experience.

  • Increase agent and employee interaction, collaboration, and operations effectiveness for user success.
  • Strengthen productivity and help work-from-home agents with a unified toolset that eliminates app confusion.
  • Elevate agent potential with feedback, coaching and collaboration tools for continuous improvement and knowledge.
  • Have improved experiences with support for all channels and proactive, AI-powered service options for today’s digitally connected customers.