Bandwidth and Network Connectivity

Is your network reliable? Or, do system outages cause downtime for your medical practice? Our experts provide strategic planning for easy transitions to a more dependable network that can save your healthcare business time, money, and the headaches of addressing network problems interrupting your access to critical systems.

Reliable and Flexible Solutions

Today’s digital landscape requires high-speed, reliable, and flexible bandwidth solutions for your healthcare practice or hospital network. New technology has rapidly increased both consumer and business consumption of internet bandwidth. This acceleration has forced many service providers to significantly upgrade their equipment to accommodate top speeds while supporting legacy connections.

These changes have also led to the forced adaptation of systems into digital transitions and also lower prices on higher speeds of bandwidth.


Network Features

Your network is the foundation of everything for your medical practice, whether you’re running one healthcare office or thousands of them across the globe. If the foundation of your network is unreliable, slow, or degrades in quality every time a storm blows in, your medical business will lose valuable time in connecting with your patients. We work every day to provide our clients with virtually unbreakable network connectivity. We do this by creating diverse network paths, using diverse carriers, having access to temporary solutions, and establishing LTE backup options with enterprise routing optimization to ensure your staff and patients are able to access critical systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Agent & Employee Connections Primary or Branch Office Locations

Fiber/DIA – Establish dedicated internet access (DIA) for your medical practice that supports reliable symmetrical high-speed network access with guaranteed performance.

Bandwidth Only or All-in-One Solutions Bandwidth Only or All-in-One Solutions

Budget-friendly, high-speed internet access to support your staff and patients.

Fixed or Flexible LTE Fixed or Flexible LTE

Wireless internet access through LTE networks (including 5G where available) provides the largest available coverage worldwide, allowing your doctors to access their files while on the go.

Server room with window

Networks in Action

Blush Technology Group brings the best service providers in each market to our healthcare and other industry clients while saving them operational dollars and still maintaining critical access. We specialize in connecting your medical business with the best DIA, Fiber, Direct or Express Routes, Fixed Wireless, and Broadband providers globally. Our team has saved our clients thousands of dollars per month with MPLS network replacements, FREE expense audits, and creative regional solutions that many network providers don’t even know how to offer!

Curious About What Options Are Available at Your Location?

Finding out takes only a few minutes of your time. Our team will connect with you to discuss what providers and services are accessible to your medical practice in your location.

Broad Sky
Comcast Business
Crown Castle
Windstream Enterprise

These are just some of our vast variety of service providers across the globe.