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The Necessity of Mobile Apps for Healthcare Providers

09 Mar 2022

In 2019, the global healthcare mobile application industry stood at $17.92 billion and was forecasted to grow at an impressive rate of 45.07% by 2027. Like every other field and market, healthcare has been immensely impacted by the digitalization that facilitates seamless handling of everything from cybersecurity and communication to compliance and electronic medical record management.

Mobile apps for healthcare providers have made it easier for medical professionals to maintain patient confidentiality, schedule appointments, stay on top of invoices, and manage insurance-related paperwork.

Blush Technology Group is a technology advisory service for health professionals that represents multiple apps, offering services surrounding mobility, social networking, electronic medical records (EMR), cybersecurity, compliance, and SaaS.

How Does Blush Help Healthcare Professionals?

Blush Technology Group helps hospitals, individual clinics, and healthcare professionals find the best mobile apps for healthcare providers. These apps offer a multitude of services, including but not limited to:

SaaS Solutions

Software as a Service is becoming instrumental in the healthcare industry as we transition into the digital age.

While we're all familiar with traditional software we use in our daily lives, SaaS applications (commonly referred to as "cloud apps") and other tools like electronic medical records (EMRs) give us a glimpse of what's possible when healthcare becomes interconnected through technology.

In fact, the healthcare cloud computing market is expected to be valued at $71,730 million by 2027.

Blush connects healthcare professionals and institutions with the most ideal SaaS solutions for their needs, ensuring that they can easily transition from on-premises legacy apps and equipment to cloud services for better security and management.

Contact Center

The Call Center at any healthcare facility must be top-notch in order to guarantee high customer satisfaction and allow smooth workflow.

A reliable call center should not merely take calls for you but also monitor social media interactions, offer live web chat solutions, and reply to emails.

While phone calls are still relevant today, many patients rely on emails and online portals to contact healthcare providers.

With Blush’s inbound call service expertise, you can set up a contact center that enables you to provide an impeccable user experience to your patients.


According to Verizon, the finance and healthcare industries are the groups most frequently targeted by hackers. In fact, the healthcare industry suffered a loss of $25 billion in 2021 due to data breaches, as reported by Cyber Risk Management (CyRiM).

Likewise, Statista reports the average recovery cost of a healthcare breach to be $9.23 million. Why risk your money and reputation when you can avail yourself of healthcare cybersecurity services to ensure data confidentiality and patient safety.

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Blush Technology Group helps you find the right software to protect your patients' medical records and establish a system that securely manages crucial data.


The healthcare industry must address a host of factors, including mental health guidelines, sensitive information, data protection, and more.

Compliance is an important aspect of contemporary health care practice, and non-compliance can land you in financial and legal trouble.

Today, there are medical apps for iOS and Android services that can lower the cost of risk management and compliance for healthcare professionals.

For instance, an app could help you update information about potential drug interactions or educate your employees about Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

Blush helps you find the best healthcare apps available for Android and iOS devices to ensure your compliance with

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards
  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requirements
  • the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) framework
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations

Based particularly on your individual needs, Blush finds you apps that ensure compliance with other guidelines relevant to risk analysis, gap mitigation, remediation auditing, and compliance monitoring.

Mobility Solutions

Many businesses are struggling with the high costs associated with mobile apps for healthcare providers. Even when the cost is not the issue, the relevance of the services provided by these mobile applications becomes a concern.

In a world connected through mobile phones and technology, a mobile health app has become a necessity for healthcare providers to guarantee patient satisfaction and employee retention.

However, the cost of on-premises app development is quite high. That's where Blush Techology Group saves the day by finding cost-effective mobility solutions tailored to every healthcare professional's needs.

In doing so, it saves valuable time and resources that you would otherwise waste on manual risk management and workforce management.

Why Do You Need Blush?

Nowadays, it's not uncommon for a healthcare app to have a medical calculator, contact center, scheduling features, etc. But managing your healthcare practice goes beyond looking over administrative tasks.

You also need to focus on cybersecurity, compliance, and EMR solutions. As your designated technology consultation service, Blush can find apps for you with all of these features.

Instead of connecting you with a suite of standard apps, Blush finds the most appropriate apps and technology solutions for your particular needs, whether they’re related to lowering operational costs, increasing cybersecurity, streamlining workflow management, or improving patient engagement.

Join Blush Technology Group to find the best healthcare apps to smoothen your workflows. Schedule your free consultation today.