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Enhancing Healthcare Call Center Services

05 Apr 2022

The healthcare sector is increasing implementation of modernized operations to keep up with their client’s changing demands. One of the ways healthcare providers and institutes are streamlining their patient’s needs is by utilizing comprehensive contact centers for patients.

Most legacy contact systems are run in-house, which poses certain limitations as they rely on hospitals' already tight budgets. Because hospitals must prioritize other more urgent needs, it's common for hardly any money to be spent on innovating existing healthcare call center services.

At the 2015 Healthcare Call Center Times Conference, 74% of the attendees asserted that the role of healthcare call center services would become more important in the future. This has proven true as patients have become more tech-savvy with every passing day. Healthcare call centers must innovate and enhance their services to keep up with patients' tech demands.

Here's a deeper dive into how a healthcare contact center manages patient expectations and why tech-centered patient care is now more important than ever. You'll also learn why healthcare call center outsourcing might be a better option than your current in-house services.

Benefits of Healthcare Call Center Services

A Sequence survey reported that 88% of all healthcare appointments are scheduled through calls. This helps to illustrate the importance of a healthcare call center in facilitating patient access, ultimately helping you retain more patients. Here are some other benefits of enhancing the call center services in your healthcare facility:

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is the key to success in the healthcare industry. Satisfied patients are more likely to:

  • Refer others
  • Continue using your services
  • Return to you for future consultations

Although most appointments are scheduled over the phone, other channels — such as SMS and online booking — are just as important. Amidst the hectic responsibility of managing a healthcare facility, how do you find the time to determine which call center service is best for your institution?

Blush Technology Group can help. Blush offers the best healthcare call center services to provide an excellent customer experience for ultimate patient satisfaction. When you work with Blush, you can focus on the more important aspects of your organization without worrying about the added responsibility of managing customer service.

Lower Overhead Costs

Staffing can be costly for any business, and the same applies to the healthcare industry. Aside from salaries, you likely have to provide employee benefits, training programs, office space, and other perks to your customer service employees.

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Healthcare call center outsourcing offers a cost-saving approach. It allows you to save the money you'd otherwise have to spend on equipment to handle inbound and outbound communications as well as the maintenance and utility bills that come with an in-house customer support team.

All-in-One Solution

Healthcare facilities with legacy systems typically have different platforms for each operation, from inbound and outbound calls to revenue cycle management and insurance verification. A contact center tailored to your needs lets you manage every part of patient care in one place.

Blush connects you with the best all-in-one solutions so you no longer have to switch between different systems. For instance, Blush can find you a contact center that comes with an integrated analytics dashboard and reporting system.

Bridging the Gap

Healthcare settings often have a concerning communication gap between the administration and healthcare providers. This means that contact service employees may not have timely access to patient health information.

In the healthcare industry, such inefficiency impacts patient experience and care. Blush addresses this by connecting you with suitable Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms to ensure consistent communication and real-time assistance between administrative employees and physicians.

Higher Return On Investment (ROI)

Another major benefit of improving the patient experience through contact center health systems is improving your return on investment. When patients' needs are met and everything from scheduling to follow-ups runs smoothly, patients are more likely to return to you for future consultations.

Blush converts all forms of communication — including emails, texts, and calls — into measurable data, giving you a better understanding of your patients' preferences. With these actionable insights, you can give your customers what they need, helping you retain them for longer periods.

How to Implement Effective Healthcare Contact Center Services

A healthcare call center manages inbound and outbound communications to help you boost patient retention and improve customer satisfaction. But finding the right contact center can be time-consuming and tedious.

Blush analyzes call center service companies for you, investigating their services and prices to help you find a system that meets the needs of your medical practice. Get in touch today to streamline healthcare services for your patients.